Terri M.

I have known Drs. Jan and Joe for 25 years and they have been the primary reason I have my beautiful smile. I have always had a very difficult dental life with constant fillings, crowns, inlays, bridges, hypersensitivity, TMJ, and finally some implants. I have not been the easiest patient to work on I’m sure. Dr. Jan has met this challenging case with positive encouragement and provided the most up-to-date care possible for my mouth. This includes checks of my tongue and soft tissue for growths and cancer. She presents her dentistry with an ease of style that allows you to listen to the wealth of knowledge she has about keeping your dental health in tip-top shape. She has gone out of her way to accompany me to my implant appointments to support me. She has had to suggest a variety of solutions to my complex dental case, which have worked wonderfully. I can say that I am pain free, look beautiful every time I open my mouth, and am thrilled with the stability I finally have in my dental care. Money doesn’t buy the kind of personal commitment to your health and appearance that has truly been shared with me. All of these services are provided in a clean, safe, OSHA regulated environment. Continuing education keeps both dentists in touch with the latest developments in dentistry which they incorporate into your case. The office environment is always warm and welcoming; you never feel like a stranger to any of the staff. In fact, you leave knowing that your best interests are being looked after and acted upon from the moment you make the appointment and following throughout your dental care program with the Beierles. Thank you for YOUR commitment to my dental health.


Margaret H.

I have been a patient of the Beierles for over 25 years. They are professional and warm at the same time! They listen to my concerns and are sensitive to my needs. I am confident in their abilities and know they will do all they can to take care of me. And that goes for their support staff, too. I have never had a bad experience at this dental office.


Kelly M.

About a year ago, after years of neglecting my dental work and putting up with much pain I decided to contact Dr. Beierle’s office to see if there was anything that could be done, after a brief consultation Dr. Beierle designed a program to fix my dental work. It’s been just under a year and today was the final bit. Dr. Beierle was able to restore my teeth and bite, I couldn’t be happier with the results. The entire experience from beginning to end was for the most part hassle free with very little pain. The staff at Beierle and Beierle are professional and courteous which made the experience that much easier. Definitely the best dental office in Ventura County.


Cindy H.

Dental visits can be terrifying for some and just simply scary for others… but Dr. Jan and Dr. Joe have an easy going, friendly demeanor and the support staff is funny, relaxed and understanding. Glad I got the referral and simply delighted to have referred them to others!


Marilyn & Tony

Dear Jan & Joe, Thank you so much for being kind and patient with Allison this year.

When her temporary tooth broke, you were incredibly gracious. Despite the fact that you had a packed schedule and it was right before the holidays, you made time for her the next day. (Realize this qualifies as a Christmas miracle). We really, really appreciate you both (and your always sweet staff) for being both excellent professionals and wonderful people. We feel very blessed to know you.


Barbara W.

Thank you for being such an exemplary doctor. Your patience, thoroughness and expertise are much appreciated. Your taking the time to call after a procedure is beyond the “call of duty;” however, I am thankful you do so. Thank you also for your care of Ken and taking the time not only to plan various treatments but for also taking time to explain them to us.


Dana C.

Hello, my name is Dana, and I have been a patient of Dr. Joe Beierle for exactly a year. I am so excited about my teeth for the first time in 25 years. I came into the office September of 2009 desperately looking for a new dentist. I had a cavity-ridden tooth on the bottom front that finally broke off because my former dentist had been “keeping an eye on it” since it was a tiny speck. The front office was so very nice and friendly. They showed immediate concern and were able to get me in the very next morning.

The next morning began with tears when I was shown the x-rays of the many cavities in my mouth along with all the patch-work jobs. It felt hopeless and overwhelming. Dr. Joe began to lay out a plan with all the teeth that needed work and the order starting with the worst. I found that I could trust him in everything that he said. The office and staff are very professional. The office is immaculate and bright. The dental technicians are competent and are mindful of every detail for the patient’s comfort. Dr. Joe takes his time with each patient and doesn’t rush through. He answers any questions and explains what he is going to do as well as the path ahead. And he takes the time needed to administer painless shots. He is so nice and always smiles with sincere warmth. There is no misunderstanding of costs or fees, as an itemized list is made and discussed with you before the work begins. And teeth cleaning is a breeze! I found out after my first cleaning at Dr. Joe’s office – that they had in fact never been cleaned. “Melba” is very detailed with her instruments and you walk out feeling squeaky clean. She is also friendly and talks to you and has you trying not to laugh with your mouth full of tools.

One year later, I am cavity free for the first time in my life! I am so happy and excited and I can’t believe my teeth are so nice! I had given up hope to have the teeth I always dreamed of. Dr. Joe has excellent workmanship and is highly skilled in crafting each tooth and fitting it in so perfectly. My crowns are beautiful and look so natural. I am so proud to have Dr. Joe for my dentist. I am grateful to have found Dr. Joe. His office is not only a place where your teeth are a priority – but where relationships are formed. You feel the warmth and friendliness and know that you truly are welcomed here. I sincerely look forward to each visit so I can see my newfound friends. If you have tried all the rest – now it’s time to try the best!


Nancy L.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Dr. Joe and Dr. Jan Beierle’s Dental Practice. I have been a patient there for over 20 years, and brought my husband, kids, and mother into the practice too as the years have gone by. I really can’t speak highly enough about them. Everyone that works there is terrific!

The front office staff is welcoming, friendly, and efficient, always going out of their way to be just a little kinder and more helpful than expected. The back office staff is also amazing — all the hygienists and assistants show the utmost professionalism. I also love how immaculate the office always seems.

Dr. Joe and Dr. Jan are in a class by themselves. They have both done some pretty complex procedures on our family — from root canals to cosmetic dentistry, all with their usual high standard of ability and care. They both show continued enthusiasm and interest in dentistry and instill confidence in their patients, even the dental-phobic ones!

In this busy, impersonal world that we live in, it is comforting to know dentists like Dr. Joe and Dr. Jan. They give their patients the best of both world s— old fashioned attention coupled with their high tech, state of the art way of practicing dentistry. I would strongly recommend them and am thankful to have found them all those years ago!


Bonnie N.

It is my pleasure to write a note about Dentist Janice Beirele and her staff.

Every time I am complimented on my smile or my teeth, it is terrific.  Because it wasn’t always that way.

My first visit to Dr. Jan, I was pleasantly surprised by her gentleness. UP UNTIL DR JAN, IT WAS NEVER THAT WAY.  She is the most painless, enjoyable, friendly, outstanding, perfectionist of a dentist I have known. Her tiny little hands checked my entire mouth, lips, gums, throat for any unusual lumps or bumps. These could be early signs of cancer. No dentist had ever done that before. That was about 19 years ago.

Dr Jan has the nicest chair side manner. We always discuss what we are going to do that day. In the past I have had dentists who would walk in and “Bam” stick a needle down deep in my gum. Push the medication in fast, and I am telling you – that really makes it hurt! (A friend tells me I could leave these next two paragraphs out, but for me, it is critical because it tells how much Dr. Jan really does everything she can to keep everyone happy, and never “rush” a patient thru like cattle.)

First she puts a cotton swab in the injection area for a minute, or sometimes she even takes that one out and puts in another swab. All this is done to keep the patient more comfortable. These cotton swabs help to numb the spot where the initial needle needs to go. She does this in a facile, remarkable way. No Pain!

If she has an ultra sensitive area to numb, after the cotton swab, she will give me a tiny bit of the shot and then return in 5 or 10 minutes and finish the entire shot. There is never any stinging, or shooting pain or uncomfortable unnecessary agony when Dr. Jan is giving a shot or working on your teeth.

For me, I really appreciate all her extra effort to keep me comfortable and pain free!  With the condition my teeth were in when I came to her, needing so much work done, she has almost totally redone my entire mouth with least trauma/pain possible. I have made a lot of visits to her office. I have never been anxious about a dentist apt with Dr. Jan, cancelled an appointment because I dreaded to go, or laid awake at night worrying about a dental visit. IT HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN THAT WAY!

Once during an extremely big job, I started to feel the medication wearing off, I raised my hand. Dr. Jan immediately stopped everything. They (with her assistant) had to remove a lot of dental hardware. She had placed a tent, stretching across my tongue, bottom of mouth and throat. The purpose was to keep flying debris from collecting all over the bottom of my mouth and keeping my airway safe from any obstruction. They were removing years of old metal fillings from several teeth that were leaking and replacing with beautiful white fillings. She administered more medication, waited a few minutes, checked a few places to see if I could feel anything and then they continued.


I can’t say enough about her superb dynamite staff! They are so professional, yet make you feel so comfortable, just like you are family. They always greet you by name when you walk in the door. They have been with her for years. It is the same friendly faces every time I go in. No staff turnover.

BEFORE DR JAN, My dental history was irregular and not very pleasant.  I didn’t see a dentist until I was 13 years old, and had 13 cavities. That dentist had bad breath, way too many nose hairs, always chatted with his young assistants about the most inappropriate sexual subjects, that even a 13 year old knew were inappropriate!  After that visit I always had to be very careful when drinking anything hot or cold. And I didn’t go back. I was not able to have regular dental care, except in my mid 20’s for 5 years with the Air Force and NATO dentists. After that I got married and went to my husband’s dentist. My husband’s dentist said to him, “didn’t you look in that girl’s mouth before you married her?”…   I guess that about says it all.

Every time I am complimented on my smile or my teeth, you can understand why I am still a little surprised. BUT I SHOULD NOT BE, I HAVE THE BEST DENTIST IN TOWN!!!!!

I love my dentist. If you want the best, go to Dr. Jan.