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High-Tech Oral Health

Oral Health Tips From Thousand Oaks Dentists Drs. Joseph & Janice Beierle

Have you heard of Fitbit? It’s a popular item that you wear like a wristwatch. It measures your heart beat, steps taken and all sorts of activities. But did you know there are also high-tech products that help you keep track of your oral health?

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What’s more, the popularity of these products is skyrocketing. Amber Clark, in a blog on the American Student Dental Association website,  says that “When it comes to mobile apps, a 2015 study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that an astonishing 58.23% of all U.S. phone users surveyed had downloaded at least one health-related mobile app.”

What kind of products are we talking about? How about a new device called Mint from Breathometer. It and a smartphone companion app measures VSCs (Volatile Sulfur Compounds), which are produced by anaerobic bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria are correlated with poor oral hygiene and oral health, such as gum disease and bad breath. Mint samples air from your mouth and then in seconds presents you with your “oral report card.” It’s up to you to then improve your oral health care habits — if necessary — to get a better grade.

If this sounds like a lot of effort, talk to us during your next checkup. We’ll keep you posted on the latest advances in oral health care, including easy-to-follow tips to make sure you get an “A” on your report card.

Photo courtesy Breathometer Mint